ATW-R5220DANDF1 5000 Series (Third Generation) Frequency-Agile True Diversity UHF Wireless Systems - Dual Receiver with Dante Output


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Designed for use on professional tours, in stadiums, concert halls, festivals, houses of worship and other demanding audio environments, the Audio-Technica 5000 Series provides incredible audio quality and proven, critically acclaimed performance for artists, broadcasters and presenters worldwide.

The third-generation, dual-receiver 5000 Series continues to offer the highest-quality wireless live sound, with dual-compander circuitry that processes high and low frequencies separately and True Diversity operation. But now the receiver features a tuning bandwidth of 144 MHz: DF1 470–608 MHz and 657–663 MHz (duplex gap). And you have the option of selecting a standard receiver (ATW-R5220) with two balanced XLR outputs or a receiver (ATW-R5220DAN) that also includes a Dante output. Also new is an antenna cascade output that connects up to eight receivers so a single pair of antennas can feed up to 16 channels of wireless, an auto squelch feature that automatically adjusts the squelch setting to maximize operating range while minimizing potential interference, and a backup frequency that can be quickly swapped by pressing the transmitter’s multifunction button in the event of unexpected interference.

Two transmitters are available for use with the 5000 Series: ATW-T5201 body-pack transmitter and ATW-T5202 handheld transmitter. Both transmitters feature rugged, ergonomic metal bodies, highly visible OLED screens (switchable between standard and performance views to highlight key metering), programmable features, soft-touch controls, and switchable RF power (2 mW/10 mW/50 mW). They are available in two different frequency ranges – DE1 (470–590 MHz) and EF2 (580–608 MHz, 657–663 MHz) – to provide complete coverage of the receiver’s bandwidth. The compact ATW-T5201 is equipped with Audio-Technica’s new rugged cH-style screw-down 4-pin connector for secure connection to A-T’s cH-style lavalier and headworn microphones, or cables. The ATW-T5202 includes a high-pass filter and an industry-standard thread mount that allows for the use of six interchangeable Audio-Technica’s microphone capsules, as well as other compatible capsules.

5000 Series components and compatible accessories are offered as individual, à la carte products to give you the greatest possible flexibility in constructing a system that fits your needs.


• Dual-channel receiver provides 144 MHz UHF tuning bandwidth (DF1 470–608 MHz and 657–663 MHz) for maximum versatility in an ever-congested RF environment
• Antenna cascade output allows 8 receivers to be connected so that a single pair of antennas can feed up to 16 channels of wireless. These connectors also provide a simple RF cable check feature to aid in RF troubleshooting
• Auto Squelch feature automatically adjusts squelch setting to maximize range while minimizing potential interference
• Unique multifunction button on the handheld and body-pack transmitters can be used to switch to a backup frequency (on both transmitter and receiver) should interference be encountered
• Dual Compander circuitry processes high and low frequencies separately for unmatched audio quality
• The full-rack receiver chassis holds two independent receivers, and offers antenna power, frequency scan and IR sync functionality, a ground-lift switch, and a front-panel headphone jack
• Dual-mode, highly visible OLED receiver screen can switch between standard view or a performance view that highlights key metering
• Receiver is available with two balanced XLR outputs (ATW-R5220) or with two balanced XLR outputs and a Dante output (ATW-R5220DAN)
• Both transmitters are available in two bands – DE1 (470–590 MHz) and EF2 (580–608 MHz, 657–663 MHz) – and offer rugged, ergonomic metal bodies, highly visible OLED displays, programmable features, soft-touch controls, and switchable 2/10/50 mW RF power
• Handheld transmitter features high-pass filter and accepts six interchangeable microphone capsules (based on best-selling Audio-Technica models) that use industry-standard thread mount and provide low-handling noise
• New rugged cH-style connector on body-pack transmitter provides secure connection to lavalier microphones, headworn microphones, and cables with cH-style screw-down 4-pin connector
• Advanced digital Tone Lock squelch effectively blocks stray RF; the digitally encoded tone also communicates transmitter data for receiver display
• Wireless network monitoring and control software
• 5000 Series components are offered individually – not as preconfigured systems – for greater flexibility

Receiving System: True Diversity
Image Rejection: 80 dB nominal
RF Sensitivity: 18 dBuV at 60 dBA S/N ratio (50 ohms termination)
Headphone Output Headphone Output Connector: 6.3 mm (1/4") TRS Stereo
Headphone Output Power: 180 mW, typical
Antenna Power: 12 V DC, 150 mA x 2
Maximum Output Level: XLR, balanced: +18 dBV
Antenna Input: BNC-type, 50 ohms
Power Supply: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature Range: -5º C to +45º C (23º F to 113º F)
Dimensions: 482.0 mm x 361.0 mm x 43.0 mm (W x D x H), 18.98" x 14.21" x 1.69" (W x D x H)
Net Weight: 4800 g (169.3 oz), without accessories
Accessories Included: Two Flexible UHF antennas; Power Cable (country dependent); Legs x4 (4 mounting screws)
More Information
Weight 17.640000
Length 20.43
Width 23.66
Height 4.65
Color Black
Manufacturer Audio-Technica
Manufacturer Model Number ATW-R5220DANDF1
Manufacturer Part Number ATW-R5220DANDF1
UPC 4961310143145
Size Dante output
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