EC-V Ethernet Controller with Volume Control (EU) - White


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    The Soundweb Contrio EC-V is an Ethernet wall controller for use in Harman HiQnet systems. The EC-V can control and monitor parameters within BSS Audio Soundweb London and other HiQnet devices, including Crown DCi series amplifiers. The EC-V is available in black or white, and in single-gang US Decora or single-gang EU form factor. The EC-V contains a single Ethernet port for configuration, control, monitoring, and power via PoE. The EC-V is configured via simple drag-and-drop operations within the software application HiQnet Audio Architect.

    The EC-V contains one push/rotary encoder and one encoder ring. The encoder ring is multi-color backlit, capable of eight different colors with adjustable intensity.

    The push/rotary encoder can be rotated for continuous parameter control (e.g. volume). The push/rotary encoder can also be pressed for binary parameter control (e.g. mute) or preset recall.

    The encoder ring can display a bouncing audio meter. When the push/rotary encoder is rotated, the encoder ring can temporarily display a volume setting. When the push/rotary encoder is pressed, the encoder ring can temporarily display a binary parameter setting (e.g. red/green for muted/unmuted status).

    The EC-V supports ‘sleep’ functionality. After a specified amount of time with no user input, the EC-V can turn off all LEDs. This is useful to avoid distraction in a dimly lit environment. Any user interaction will ‘wake up’ the controller.

    The EC-V can be remotely locked and unlocked via other control systems.
    • Ethernet Wall Controller
    • Compatible with BSS Audio Soundweb London, Crown DCi, and other HiQnet devices
    • Available in Black or White
    • Available in US Decora or EU Version
    • Single-Gang Size
    • PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
    • Configured within Audio Architect via Drag-and-Drop
    • 1 Programmable Push/Rotary Encoder
    • 1 Programmable Encoder Ring (Multicolor)
    • Sleep Function
    • Security: Remote Lock/Unlock

    More Information
    ManufacturerBSS by HARMAN
    Manufacturer Model NumberBSSECV-WHT-M-EU
    Manufacturer Part NumberEC-V-WHT-EU
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